Bashur – South Kurdistan – Iraq – August 2021

24.08.2021 – 07:45 MEZ

The turkish airforce is bombarding mountainous areas near Slemani.

22.08.2021 – 11:00 MEZ

The turkish army is shelling regions north of Duhok. 2 persons who were vacationing in these regions have been killed by this shelling.

20.08.2021 – 12:30 MEZ

The HPG has attacked and heavily damaged a turkish military helicopter in the Metina region. The Helicopter had to abort his mission and retreat.

18.08.2021 -12:15 MEZ

1 Peshmerga has been wounded after his vehicle has been targeted by an IED explosion of unknown origin.

17.08.2021 – 14:00 MEZ

The turkish airforce has bombarded the hospital of the town called Sikeniye in shingal. Many civilians have been injured and killed.

16.08.2021 – 12:00 MEZ

The turkish airforce has bombarded a busy marketplace in Shingal. Several dead and wounded civilians have been reported.

13.08.2021 – 12:00 MEZ

The turkish airforce is bombarding sites around Kani Masi (Amedi region). 1 local civilian has been killed by these turkish airstrikes.

08.08.2021 – 22:00 MEZ

Heavy bombardment by the turkish airforce has been reported in the Zakho region.

07.08.2021 – 17:00 MEZ

The PDKI states that one of their politicians Musa Babaxani has been abducted and killed by the Iranian intelligence in Hawler/Erbil on August 5th.

04.08.2021 – 22:00 MEZ

The turkish airforce is bombarding kurdish villages near Dohuk with helicopters.

02.08.2021 – 22:00 MEZ
Large crowds of armed supporters and Peshmerga have been formed in front of Lahur Talabnis house to protect him from a forcefull detention by Bafel Talabani.
02.08.2021 – 16:00 MEZ
Lahur Talabani proclaimed in a statement that he will not leave Kurdistan, after Bafel Talabani has exiled him.

01.08.2021 – 20:00 MEZ
Bafel Talabani has informed Lahur Talabani that he will be exiled from Kurdistan.