Bashur – South Kurdistan – Iraq – June 2021

30.06.2021 – 16:30 MEZ

The turkish airforce has bombarded a vehicle in Shingal. It’s unclear wether this was a civilian vehicle or a military target.

26.06.2021 – 09:45 MEZ

At least 3 projectiles have struck civilian homes and a road in Hawler (Erbil). No casualties have been reported.

21.06.2021 – 23:45 MEZ

Clashes have erupted between Asayish soldiers and special operations soldiers in Slemani city. At least 7 soldiers have been wounded on both sides.

19.06.2021 – 18:30 MEZ

The turkish airforce has bombed a civilian car in mawat Galali village. 2 civilians have been killed.

14.06.2021 – 12:00 MEZ

KDP security forces stormed a hotel where the “Delegation for Peace” resides. All delegated activists including high ranking politicians have been arrested.

14.06.2021 – 10:45 MEZ

An IED explosion has been reported in Halabja. At least 1 civilian has been martyred.

13.06.2021 – 13:00 MEZ

The turkish airforce has targeted a car in the Slemani province. All 4 martyrs were civilians and have no affiliation to the PKK.

10.06.2021 – 19:45 MEZ

Heavy clashes across the Metina region between the turkish army and the PKK.

10.06.2021 – 14:00 MEZ

The turkish army has started a new ground operation campaign near the Hirror mountains.

09.06.2021 – 12:30 MEZ

The turkish airforce is bombarding several PKK sites in the Metina region.

08.06.2021 – 23:20 MEZ

The turkish airforce is heavily bombarding sites in the Metina region.

08.06.2021 – 08:00 MEZ

A Peshmerga has been martyred by a PKK Sniper near Darkar in Zakho region.

07.06.2021 – 17:30 MEZ

Heavy shelling on PKK positions by the turkish airforce and artillery units.

07.06.2021 – 14:00 MEZ

The PKK has taken 2 Peshmerges near Khanasor into custody.

06.06.2021 – 20:45 MEZ

The turkish airforce is bombing positions of the PKK near hirror and chalke village.

06.06.2021 – 16:00 MEZ

Clashes between the PKK and the Peshmerga near Barwari balla region. No casualties reported.

05.06.2021 – 20:00 MEZ

Heavy clashes between the turkish army and the PKK. Turkish helicopters and airforce are assisting the turkish army.

05.06.2021 13:10 MEZ

At least 1 Turkish airstrike has struck the IDP Camp Makhmour.

05.06.2021 – 12:00 MEZ

The KDP is deploying a large number of forces into the Amedi region. Stating that the earlier turkish airstrike against the Peshmerga was a PKK attack.

05.06.2021 – 09:00 MEZ

The turkish airforce has killed at least 4 Peshmerga in an accidental Airstrike. According to the PKK the Peshmerga have tried to assault a PKK base in Metina region with support of the turkish airforce.

02.06.2021 – 12:00 MEZ

The Peshmerga forces with the help of the coalition launch a large Anti-IS operation in Garmiyan area.