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Bashur – South Kurdistan – Iraq – June 2022

    17.06.2022 – 09:15 MEZ

    The turkish airforce has carried out an airstrike on a vehicle in Kalar (Slemani district). 3 civilians have been killed and several others are wounded.

    15.06.2022 – 10:45 MEZ

    The turkish airforce has bombarded the “Peoples Assembly” building in Shingal near Sinune. Casualties have been reported.

    09.06.2022 – 20:45 MEZ

    The base of the turkish army near Bashiqa (Mosul) has been targeted by a barrage of missiles.

    08.06.2022 – 21:00 MEZ

    An Explosive-Loaded-Drone has targeted a vehicle in Hawler (Erbil).

    08.06.2022 – 20:45 MEZ

    Several Katyusha rockets have landed in Hawler (Erbil).

    05.06.2022 – 19:30 MEZ

    Minor clashes have broken out between the HPG (PKK) and the Peshmerga forces near Kanimasi (Dohuk).

    02.06.2022 – 13:40 MEZ

    The turkish army base in Bashiqa near Mosul has been targeted by a barrage of missiles and several suicide drones.

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