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Bashur – South Kurdistan – Iraq – May 2022

11.05.2022 – 08:30 MEZ

The Iranian regime is shelling the Bradost area with heavy artillery.

05.05.2022 – 21:15 MEZ

The IS launches a series of attacks against positions of the Peshmerga in southern Kirkuk.

02.05.2022 – 15:30 MEZ

The Iraqi prime minister Kadhimi has ordered the Iraqi army to retreat from Shingal.

02.05.2022 – 13:00 MEZ

The Iraqi army has entered the city Digur. Fierce urban combat has been reported across the city center.

02.05.2022 – 11:45 MEZ

The Iraqi army has launched a major offensive to capture the northern Sphere of Shingal.

02.05.2022 – 08:30 MEZ

The Iraqi army is trying to advance into Sinune near Shingal. The YBS is heavily resisting.

01.05.2022 – 22:30 MEZ

Clashes have broken out between the YBS and units of the Iraqi army in Shingal.

01.05.2022 – 19:50 MEZ

Several rockets have targeted parts of the capital of the KRG Hawler (Erbil)



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