Rojava – West Kurdistan – Syria – July 2021

23.07.2021 – 22:45 MEZ

The turkish army is launching flares at the Tal Tamir frontline.

15.07.2021 – 20:40 MEZ

The turkish army is shelling several villages in Afrin.

13.07.2021 – 22:20 MEZ

The turkish state and their occupation forces are shelling several villages in Afrin.

10.07.2021 – 23:15 MEZ

A mortar has landed in the vicinity of the US base in Deirezzor. US jets are circling the area.

07.07.2021 – 11:30 MEZ

Drone attack against the Al Omar coalition base near the Al Omar refineries. Coalition air defence is engaging the drones.

05.07.2021 – 11:00 MEZ

A VBIED has exploded on a crowded marketplace in Hassakeh city.

04.07.2021 – 20:45 MEZ

2 rockets of unknown origin have hit a field next to the Al Omar refinery and an SDF operation base.

03.07.2021 – 09:00 MEZ

The turkish led occupation forces FSA are shelling the Manbij countryside.