Rojava – West Kurdistan – Syria – March 2021

12.03.2021 – 22:15 MEZ

The turkish army and their occupation forces are shelling Samuqa city and the Shahba dam.

12.03.2021 – 17:00 MEZ

The ISF Asayish have carried out 2 security operations, capturing at 7 members of the Islamic State and neutralised an unknown number of IS members. A large number of Weaponry has been captured.

11.03.2021 – 20:00 MEZ

Clashes between the MMC and the turkish led occupation forces.

10.03.2021 – 18:30 MEZ

The SDF has arrested 30 suspected members of the Islamic State and a large nuumber of explosives and weaponry in Hassakeh city.

10.03.2021 – 11:30 MEZ

Members of the Future-Syria-Party were targetted by the turkish led occupation forces during their visit of the MMC at the Manbij frontline.

10.03.2021 – 10:30 MEZ

Turkish led occupation forces have shot dead a young child near the border to turkey in Salqin city.

09.03.2021 – 20:30 MEZ

The Afrin Liberation Forces have raided a checkpoint of the turkish occupation forces near Kafr Kalbin. At least 1 TSFA militiamen has been neutralised.

09.03.2021 – 14:10 MEZ

The MMC is clashing with the turkish led occupation forces.

05.03.2021 – 19:30 MEZ 

A checkpoint of the SDF in Deirezzor has been raided by the Islamic State. Casualities are unknown yet.

05.03.2021 – 19:00 MEZ

After the syrian regime and the russian airforce destroyed a refinery operated by the Turkish led occupation Forces, Turkey responds by shelling the HRE near Tal Rifaat and several other positions including the Shahba dam.

03.03.2021 – 23:00 MEZ

Turkish led occupation forces are targetting SDF positions around Ain Issa.

02.03.2021 – 18:20 MEZ

The turkish led occupation forces have raided a home in Afrin city. Clashes then erupted across the street and an IED exploded. Several civilians are injured.

02.03.2021 – 10:20 MEZ

Clashes taking place between the Syrian regime and Turkish led occupation forces near the Silos of Ain Issa city.

01.03.2021 – 21:00 MEZ

Clashes taking place between the Deirezzor military council and the Syrian Regime across the contact line near Jadid Uqayadat.