Rojava – West Kurdistan – Syria – May 2021



16.05.2021 – 16:00 MEZ

An unknown group has raided positions of a militia led by the turkish army in the occupied province Afrin. Several mercenaries have been neutralised.

13.05.2021 – 00:15 MEZ

Large Anti Terror raids by the SDF in Deirezzor province.

10.05.2021 – 18:00 MEZ

The Afrin Liberation Forces have raided positions of the turkish army and their affiliates. 1 turkish soldier has been neutralised and 2 MIT informants have been neutralised aswell.

09.05.2021 – 18:00 MEZ

A bus transporting special operation forces of the SDF has been attacked by unknown gunmen in Deirezzor. At least 6 SDF soldiers have been killed or wounded.

09.05.20 15:00 MEZ

An unknown group of resistance fighters have raided the HQ of a turkish led FSA militia in Afrin. 2 militiamen have been neutralised and several wounded.

08.05.2021 – 16:00 MEZ

The Syrian regime has killed a civilian that was trying to cross the Euphrates river in Raqqa province near Tishreen.

08.05.2021 – 14:15 MEZ

The turkish state is bombarding villages along the Gire Spi/Tal Abyad frontline.

07.05.2021 – 23:00 MEZ

Several raids against Islamic State sleeper cells by the SDF and Coalition in Deir Ezzor.

05.05.2021 – 17:40 MEZ

An IED has exploded in Afrin city. Civillians have been injured.

04.05.2021 – 08:30 MEZ

The turkish army and their mercenaries are targetting several villages along the Afrin frontline.

02.05.2021 – 21:30 MEZ

Heavy shelling by the turkish occupation forces on several villages along the frontline.

02.05.2021 – 16:30 MEZ

An VBIED has exploded in a marketplace in Suluk City. The city is occupied by the turkish army and their mercenaries.

01.05.2021 – 17:15 MEZ

Minor clashes between the SDF and a local tribe in Raqqa City after the SDF tried to arrest several tribesmen for escalating rivalries with another local tribe.